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Uhland is a rapidly expanding community located along Highway 21, just a few miles east of Kyle, and is situated between Interstate 35 and the Texas 130 Tollway. In the past few years, Uhland has seen its sales tax receipts increase 400% and with new business and residential growth showing no signs of slowing down. Uhland is expected to continue to be one of the fastest growing cities in Central Texas.

While Uhland’s growth rate has been phenomenal, it’s not the only city in the area that is expanding. While Uhland’s city limits have grown some over the past few years, the cities around Uhland have been racing to expand to Uhland’s border. Uhland’s city limits now push up against those of San Marcos, Kyle and Niederwald. In addition, a multi-thousand new home development has been recently approved along the City’s southeastern edge.

Despite the rapid growth, Uhland still manages to retain some of that small-town vibe. Farms and ranches still operate just off the main Highway and you still see farm tractors and livestock in the fields. While there are many new faces in town, you’ll still find a friendly face that you know when you drive around town.

Uhland recognizes the important and necessary balance between businesses and homes. That simple understanding makes it much easier to start or operate a business in Uhland. Ask many of the local businesses in Uhland why they moved here and you’ll often hear that it was because of the pro-business climate and the City’s desire to use sales taxes from local businesses to keep the city’s property taxes among the lowest in Central Texas.

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