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Located on the western edge of the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Junction along with the surrounding area is an increasingly popular get-away for residents from large cities. With its easy access, reasonable cost of living, beautiful rural scenery and abundance of wildlife, Junction has become a place where many individuals take their vacations or maintain second homes. Junction is a rural ranching community nestled deep within a fertile Texas Hill Country and named for the City’s location at the convergence of the North and South Llano rivers. Though named for the rivers, Junction also boasts numerous state roads, highways and an interstate that meet within the city limits. The most prominent junction of roads are the intersections of Interstate 10 and US Highways 83, 290 and 377 which come together just west of where the rivers join. Numerous other Rural Routes, Farm To Market and County Roads meet here as well. The Kimble County Airport is a frequent stopover for cross-country fliers of small aircraft.

Junction’s official name, “The Land of Living Waters,” is derived from the fact that there is more flowing water in Junction and Kimble County than any other county in the state. In addition to water recreation, Junction also boasts an outstanding quality of life with ample opportunities for recreation and substantial vital services for a city of its size. Residents can relax in any of three parks, including the scenic South Llano River State Park.

Junction offers businesses a low tax environment, with minimal regulatory and other governmental requirements. The majority of the area’s employees are concentrated in retail, public administration and precision products. The area labor force is around 2,400. Employers range from wood products and cedar wood oil firms, to metal building manufacturers, to advertising specialty companies.

Texas Tech University has a Learning Center in Junction. The diverse 400-acre campus provides a natural landscape for academic learning, recreation and solitude. The richness of the flora and fauna and the beauty of the physical surroundings create an unusually relaxing atmosphere while also providing the opportunity for intensive academic study. The Center is the site of many ongoing research projects. It also hosts meetings and conferences throughout the year.

The City also has a local economic development corporation that offers financial incentives to bring new private sector jobs to the community. Plus, the City works closely with the Chamber of Commerce to promote business in the area.

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