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Johnson City, where hospitality is an understatement, is the perfect place to locate your business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out or looking to relocate, Johnson City is definitely worth your consideration. Because of Johnson City’s centralized location within the Texas Hill Country, it is the perfect place to experience parks, history, art, wine tasting, dining and shopping in a small town atmosphere. These activities draw thousands of tourists to the area yearly, providing an excellent source of clientele for whatever business you may own. Not only are we located amongst the scenic hills of the Texas Hill Country, but we are conveniently located on two major highways: Highway 281 and Highway 290 W. Together these highways provide more than an 18,000 dedicated average traffic flow.

Johnson City has an active Chamber of Commerce, an Economic Development Advisory Board and a City Council. All three welcome growth and are always seeking ways to improve upon the quality of life and business climate in the city.

Johnson City has an available workforce for just about any business. Additionally, the proximity of several colleges provides a tremendous opportunity to both acquire education for current employees and to recruit graduates for your business.

Johnson City has two medical facilities, numerous specialty clinics within an hours drive and a new Scott & White hospital slated to open within the next few years, just 16 miles north of town. Your employees will have ample access to quality medical care.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative, headquartered in Johnson City, is the City’s leading employer.

Along with big business, we are also home to numerous artists and specialty shops. Surrounding our town and a consistent source of tourist activity are wineries and vineyards, a distillery, lavender farms, a butterfly garden, exotic zoo and cattle and goat ranches.

Johnson City boasts plentiful lodging for any occasion. We have B&Bs, brand name hotels and privately owned hotels. Plus, RV parks and camping areas nearby.

Johnson City is the hometown of our 36th President, Lyndon B. Johnson. Both his Boyhood Home and family settlement are part of the LBJ.

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