Austin companies discuss wearable technology at SXSW

Representatives from Austin-based companies including Mutual Mobile and BSX Athletics discussed where they see wearable technology in the future at “Wearables: The Future Isn’t in Measuring the Past,” a South by Southwest Conferences & Festivals panel held March 14. Fitness trackers such as FitBits and Jawbones have seen “tremendous growth” in recent years, but consumers are already beginning to abandon their devices, according to the panel description. Dustin Freckleton, co-founder and CEO of Austin-based wearable tech company BSXAthletics, said during the SXSW Interactive panel that wearable tech companies need to gain a better understanding of what consumers want before they can solve the industry’s issues. The industry must do a better job of providing useful information to users rather than just raw data, he said. “Most people don’t really care about data,” Freckleton said. “They care about information—information that helps them to make smarter decisions to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.” Freckleton was joined by Mickey Ristroph, co-founder and CEO of Austin-based software company Mutual Mobile. Ristroph said wearable technology companies are “barely scratching the surface” of the industry’s potential.

Story Courtesy of Community Impact