Could San Marcos land the Oakland Raiders? ‘A natural play,’ officials say

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COVER: Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis has been angling for years to escape from the nearly 50-year-old Coliseum, originally named the Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum when it opened in 1966. CREATIVE COMMONS PHOTO


A sports insider’s report that Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis owns property between San Antonio and Austin has sparked media speculation that the San Marcos area could be in the running to host a National Football League franchise.

NFL team owners voted on Tuesday to allow the St. Louis Rams to relocate to Los Angeles, ending the Raiders’ bid to move to the nation’s second-largest media market and rekindling San Antonio’s hopes of luring the team to the Interstate 35 corridor. Two days later, former Spurs and Minnesota Vikings owner Red McCombs told ESPN Radio that he pitched San Antonio to Davis this week and they have “got the whole program put together.”

“The stakes are so high for a city like San Antonio that is on the cusp of being an NFL market that it is worth making every effort. This may be our best chance in decades,” San Antonio mayor Henry Cisneros told the San Antonio Business Journal.

Citing three un-named sources, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole said on Wednesday, “Davis already has a parcel of land that sits between San Antonio and Austin — it splits the difference between those two cities — where he could ultimately build a stadium.”

San Marcos and San Antonio officials told Culture Map Austin that they were not aware of Davis owning property in the corridor, but said “they’d be delighted to extend an invitation to an NFL team and explore construction of a stadium in our region.”

Given its prime location along I-35 and between Austin and San Antonio, San Marcos would be a “natural play” for an NFL stadium, says Lance Aldridge, executive director of the Austin Sports Commission. …

Adriana Cruz, president of the Greater San Marcos Partnership, a regional economic development agency, says an NFL stadium in San Marcos would align with her nonprofit’s stated goal of accommodating “destination attractions,” such as a major-league sports venue or an amusement park. She also says a stadium would complement San Marcos’ various amenities, particularly the two outlet malls, which collectively draw about 14 million visitors a year.

“Could we be home to a major stadium? Absolutely,” Cruz says.

An NFL stadium in San Marcos is “certainly something that makes a lot of sense — a lot of logistical sense, a lot of economic sense,” she says.

FOX Sports also picked up the story of a potential San Marcos professional football stadium:

As the theory goes, Davis has secured a parcel of land about halfway in between Austin and San Antonio — about 80 miles apart — where a new stadium could potentially be located, creating leverage in his dealings with Oakland.

Davis has plenty of reasons to drop his team right between San Antonio and Austin. The two cities would offer his team over 2.3 million football-hungry sports fans. His players would enjoy a state without income taxes.


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