City Council outlines ‘roadmap’ for Georgetown’s future success

Defining its role and setting goals Over the course of four, four-hour meetings in November, City Council met to define its vision for the future of Georgetown. “What council wanted to do was create a roadmap for future success, and we also wanted to re-establish the role of City Council and the role of city manager and the staff,” Mayor Dale Ross said. “I was all for this because you don’t know where you’re going unless you have a roadmap, and the roadmap is there now.” The city hired Rick Robinson, the managing director of Dallas-based Ramsee Consulting Group, to facilitate the workshop sessions that led to the development of the city’s strategic plan, which outlines the council’s roles, vision, goals and rules of engagement. Ross said the plan will be used to help guide City Council’s decisions and will serve as the council’s direction to City Manager David Morgan, who would use it to prioritize projects and develop tactics to achieve the council’s goals. “This is what we want to accomplish [at a high level],” Ross said. “The way this works is we establish the vision and the goals, and then David [Morgan] through his team, executes the […]