Triple Crown to close looking for new location

San Marcos music venue Triple Crown will host its last day of live music at its current location Dec. 12. Brett Thorne/Community Impact Newspaper Triple Crown Triple Crown, the self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of San Marcos,” will close on Dec. 12. Co-owner Eric Shaw said the venue, which has hosted 6,863 consecutive days of live music as of press time, will find a new location. Shaw said Triple Crown, located at 206 N. Edward Gary St., San Marcos, will host its last day of live music at that location Dec. 12 beginning at noon and ending at 2 a.m. The celebration will include live music throughout the day, free food and shirt giveaways, Shaw said. A mixed-use development, which will have apartments and retail stores, will be built on the 200 block of Edward Gary Street, where the venue is currently located. The end of the venue’s live music streak will be tough to swallow, Shaw said, but the new location will likely have a higher capacity. Shaw said he has already had pre-development meetings with the city of San Marcos to discuss where the venue could potentially relocate. “It was really tough, but in the end, it just […]

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