VoltaBox’s new Cedar Park HQ building a stunning build-to-suit office

Built-to-suit corporate facilities have not been a common development model in Austin, but given the robust economy it was just a matter of time before more cropped up.

One of the latest deliveries is the Voltabox of Texas Inc. headquarters and manufacturing facility in Cedar Park.

Austin’s Cadence McShane Construction Co. recently finished the 23,150 square foot project on six acres at 1500 Volta Drive.

Voltabox purchased the development site from the master developer of Scottsdale Crossing Commerce Center — TIG Real Estate Services Inc.

VoltaBox and its affiliate, Voltabox Deutschland GmbH are global suppliers of lithium ion batteries for various uses.

The new facilities provide “a thoughtful layout that supports streamlined automation and end-to-end processing capabilities,” according to a statement provided by Cadence McShane.


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