Cedar Park Regional first in area to offer real-time patient monitoring

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ViSi Mobile digital monitoring technology
Photo courtesy of Krista Baty.
LHHS Project Graduation
LHHS Project Graduation
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“Typically patient vitals are taken every four to six hours,” Krista Baty, Chief Nursing Officer, said. “This is a way to monitor patients constantly, giving peace of mind to both the patient and the nurses.”

According to Baty, the ViSi Mobile System is the first body-worn monitor with the capability to non-invasively measure all core vital signs accurately. The system is able to continuously monitor heart and pulse rates, heart rhythm, blood oxygenation, respiration rate and skin temperature. Additionally, it is able to check blood pressure in a cuffless manner.

“It’s a patient satisfier,” Baty said. “We don’t have to wake them up to check things when they’re resting and they can shower, it’s waterproof, and move around freely. Patients like that it’s portable and there isn’t anything to drag around if they get up.”

Nurses typically check patient vital signs during routine rounds. However, Baty said the intermittent checks only provide snapshots of vital sign data, not continuous information.

“The number one reason for it is for patient safety,” Baty said. “The earlier we can help catch things the better. If we can find something out early we can prevent the patient from deteriorating to a higher level of care.”

If a patient’s vital signs move beyond warning ranges the system’s alarm will alert clinicians, so the appropriate intervention can be taken.

“Patient monitoring outside of the ICU is a trend that is beginning to take hold in hospitals of all sizes throughout the nation,” Laura Balla, Cedar Park Regional Medical Center’s Director of Marketing said.

“We live in a really tech savvy area,” Baty said. “The nearest location who has this technology at this point is in San Antonio.”

Although the hospital has only had this technology for the past month Baty said patients have given positive feedback on how comforting it is to know their vitals are always being monitored.

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