The future of Leander rails, Captial Metro discusses potential

Todd Hemingson, Capital Metro vice president of strategic planning and development, discussed Leander’s potential for new and improved transit services.

“The very first trip we ever ran was right here in Leander,” he said. “Our ridership has quadrupled since we opened in 2010.”

According to Hemingson, this means overall, they average 10,000 trips a day (a trip is defined as a one-way ride for an individual), during the busiest times of the year, but 3,000 trips a day during a typical weekday.

“The growth we are experiencing causes significant mobility challenges,” he said. “There is tremendous growth and increasing congestion in the area. We want to address that.”

Due to this upsurge in ridership, Capital Metro plans on adding extra tracks and ordering more rail cars in the coming years.

The proximity of the future Leander-based Austin Community College campus will also be a component of Capital Metro’s plans for Leander. Both the campus property and the Leander Station are located within the city’s transit-oriented development, or TOD district. The city has launched zoning restrictions within portions of the TOD district to encourage a concept of urban mixed-use development within walking distance of the station.

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