San Marcos approves incentives for Amazon warehouse deal

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Tuesday evening, the San Marcos City Council unanimously approved the idea of giving incentives to so they will build a fulfillment warehouse in town.

City records indicate Amazon would get a 40 percent discount on local property taxes over the course of 10 years. The major online retailer could also get incentives like annual refunds of 85 percent of ad valorem taxes on equipment.

The 855,000 square foot fulfillment center would go on McCarty Lane in South San Marcos.

Seeking large companies, such as Amazon, is part of the City’s Economic Development Incentives program. If Amazon decides to open shop in San Marcos, they are expected to create 350 new jobs.

Amazon is expected to start construction on the warehouse by the end of the year and possibly start operations by January 2017.

Growth in San Marcos

Cody Lewis has a front row seat to the growth.

Working at Apartment Pros he says the last few years he’s seen rent prices steadily rise all over the town of 60,000 people.

“San Marcos itself is in between Austin and San Antonio, two of the biggest cities in the nation. So that’s where the jobs are at. That’s where people are moving.”

Apartment Pros says they can find someone a three bedroom, two bath apartment for around $1,300. If you buy a house around the same size, expect to pay a little less

San Marcos Mayor Daniel Guerrero says the top things on his mind are more roads, more water and more public safety.

“Where am I going to work? How am I going to be able to afford to live in San Marcos and where are my children going to go to school? That’s been the partnership we’ve had with the schools, with the univeristy, with the county,” explains Guerrero.

He says encouraging the construction of more single family homes will help in a city that’s already flush with apartments.

New homes and new businesses in a city with no signs of slowing down.