Del Valle ISD’s Book Bus Rolls into Creedmoor

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Creedmoor has a population of 202 and no library in sight. But now with Del Valle ISD's book buses, the library comes to the people.

"We really wanted to reach out to our neighborhoods and serve the students in our neighborhoods,” the district’s Julienne Thorp said. “We have been able to not only serve our Del Valle students, but we've also been able to serve those who are not in school yet."

For three years, the district has deployed book buses to rural neighborhoods in Southeastern Travis County. This summer, it added Creedmoor to the route.

"I was really excited, because the library is kind of far. I was coming to the one in Buda, which is pretty far,” parent Norma Mercado said.

Communities like Creedmoor make up most of the school district. That means the nearest public library could be miles away.

"With Del Valle being urban and rural, we want to reach out to those students and provide learning opportunities to them year round,” Thorp said.

Each bus carries at least 300 books, all of which the community donated. No matter what reading level they're in, kids are free to choose whichever book they'd like to read.

"It gives them the opportunity to learn more things. Otherwise they'll read the same books over and over,” Mercado said.

Learning doesn't stop in the summer, which is why that’s when the buses are up and running.

"We really hope to create a culture of reading … that love of literacy being the key to unlocking the door to all learning possibility,” Thorp said.

The district hopes to add another bus next summer to head to more urban locations. For book bus stops and schedules, click here.