UT professors accepted into American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Daily Texan Staff The American Academy of Arts & Sciences, one of the oldest U.S. honor societies and policy research centers, accepted two UT professors and researchers as members last week. Veteran members from the Academy nominated mathematics professor Björn Engquist and George Georgiou, molecular biosciences, chemical and biomedical engineering professor,  to be accepted into the organization. After an 18-month review, both Engquist and Georgiou were made official members.  Mark Robinson, chief operating officer at the Academy, said becoming a part of the Academy is a prestigious honor. “Members have the right and opportunity to nominate people that they believe pose excellence in their field,” Robinson said. “[The founders] were looking to create an academy that represented all professions.  … It really is meant to be a swath of the best and the brightest.”  The Academy recognizes achievement in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, and gathers researchers together to address national problems.  Georgiou has made several discoveries in the medical field. His research includes the study of protein therapeutics, especially how proteins can be used to fight against cancerous tumors.  “We take human enzymes and re-design them so that they can destroy the metabolite cancer cells […]

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