Agreement gives Google Fiber access to PEC poles

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Pedernales Electric Cooperative CEO John D. Hewa announced that PEC has reached an agreement allowing Google to attach its fiber-optic cable to the Cooperative’s existing utility poles in exchange for a per-attachment fee. The agreement will allow Google to bring Google Fiber to areas within the Cooperative’s service territory.

“PEC is excited about what Google Fiber will mean for the continued growth of the Austin area,” said Hewa. “Bringing high-speed fiber-optic internet service to our communities will make this region a more viable location for both large and small businesses. It will also allow organizations such as hospitals and schools to use the internet in new ways, taking advantage of forthcoming – and possibly life-changing – technologies.”

PEC Board President Dr. Patrick Cox applauded the agreement and added, “It’s exciting to be able to leverage PEC’s existing infrastructure in a way that further benefits its members.”

Google Fiber is a lightning-fast broadband network offering speeds of 1 gigabit per second, up to 100 times faster than the typical U.S. connection. Visit to sign up to receive updates on bringing Google Fiber to Austin, including when you can sign up for Google Fiber service in your area.